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Team Net Corporate Consultants Limiteds is a website owned and managed by Team Net Corporate Consultants Limiteds Corporate Consultants Limited, headquartered in New Delhi. We are a team of highly dedicated and motivated professionals proficient in our respective skill sets. We strive to support our clientele so that they can climb up the ladder of success in their businesses through our diligence and timely delivery of the desired services, in accordance with the Indian law at affordable price.

Startup Registration Services

We help in setting up a company for startup in India, irrespective of size and location of our client’s venture. Our startup specialists shall be glad to assist you at a fee which will always be competitive and transparent.

FDI Related Services

Any foreign investment in India is regulated through acts of parliament, circulars and notifications from reserve bank of india, ministry of finance, ministry of commerce etc; We encourage you to come over to our office and have a face to face interaction with us on these topics of prime importance. We are available on Skype and Google Hangout for video conferencing as well.

CA, CS and Advocate Services

To Grow Your Startup we have CA, CS and Advocates ready to serve you by doing timely accounting, accurate tax calculation, filing of tax returns within due date, by maintaining records in line with requirements of law as prescribed in the companies act 2013 and rules framed thereunder, by drafting a balanced legal agreement which you sign with employees and vendors.